Patient Testimonials

"It's been such a blessing from God receiving care from Dr. Katey. I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and started having appointments with her several months ago. After every appointment, my body has felt so good! I feel much stronger, and more aligned. It's so nice to have her during the pregnancy when so many shifts and changes are happening in my structure due to carrying a precious growing baby. I've also noticed that she is very detailed in her approach and I always feel like much is accomplished in much more than one area of my body after each appointment. Furthermore, the kindness and the Love of God flow through Dr. Katey, and I feel very supported and cared for as a person, not just as a patient. Thank you so much Dr. Katey!!"

- Kelley

"I have never had a doctor's office that actually wanted to fix me. The doctors here really want you to be the best you can be. I love all of the staff at LaBounty. I am greeted warmly every time. Dr. Mike is great with children. I have lost 8 pounds since I started coming, my skin issues are going away, and my pain gets better with each visit. I am so impressed with this office. They go above and beyond for each patient."

- Amanda

"I went for my quarterly Dr. appointment with my family doctor. Since my last check up my A1C1 has improved. It went from 8.4 down to 7.7. I also lost 7 lbs and am an inch taller. I owe it all to Dr. Mike. Thank you!"

- Christy

"I was so dizzy I could not sit for any length of time. I live an hour away and my husband drove while I kept my eyes closed and laid against the door. Dr. Mike adjusted my jaw, which began the process and after a few weeks I am feeling so much better. I am back to normal activities and am sleeping again! Thank you Dr. Mike.

P.S. I have avoided surgery on my neck and have been able to stop 3 different medications!"

- Ruth

"I had so much hip pain and after 1 hip adjustment it was almost completely gone. It also helped my knee pain. I was able to sleep more soundly afterwards, also."

- Stacy

"Last year I had trouble with my back and legs. I couldn't sit or walk. I was out of work for over 2 months. I had shots, medicine, and saw a specialist, yet nothing seemed to work or lasted very long. A dear friend recommended Dr. Mike to see if he could help me, because he had helped them. He started helping me and the severe pain started going away which helped me go back to work with a cane. Dr. Mike was able to get everything in order and straight, and I was able to move better. This last week I was able to walk and work all day without the cane. It was such a wonderful feeling after having to use it for so long and being in pain for so long. I was looking at a walker or worse. Dr. Mike and his staff were so encouraging and wonderful. Dr. Mike prayed with me and that was a wonderful thing when you are so discouraged. Thank you Dr. Mike.

- Tina

"I felt boated & pressure all in my mid-section. After adjustments everything opened up, bloating and pain were gone. I even lost some weight and got ride of a problem area in my tummy."

- Kimberley

"My story with LaBounty Chiropractic started 5 years ago when I moved to Ankeny, IA and was looking for pain relief from scoliosis and balance issues. This was my first experience with a chiropractor. Over the years I have gone form being a skeptic to living proof and an advocate of chiropractors. Dr. Mike tried several adjustments before finding the adjustment we now call "Old Faithful" which gives me both relief from pain and balance issues. I have learned that communication and being open and honest with your chiropractor is very important so that you can help each other solve and fix the problem areas to make you feel and live a much better life."

- Marge

"The care I have received and the atmosphere of LaBounty Chiropractic is a pure blessing and gift. As a 57 year-old woman, I can honestly say that the adjustments I receive help to renew and strengthen - and cancel out the progressive, expected symptoms of aging. I feel younger and freer in my physical body than I did 20 years ago!! The staff, and Dr. Mike, are genuine, thoughtful, and authentically concerned about my welfare. They are affirming and encouraging which augments and adds to my over-all well being. I can't imagine my life without their chiropractic care."

- Kristi

"Dr. Mike has changed my life! Before coming to LaBounty Chiropractic I couldn't sit or stand up from a sitting position without excruciating pain. I not have a full range of motion, without constant pain. I bring my 9 year old son to Dr. Mike as well. Adjustments have helped my son with his balance and foot/leg pain due to fallen arches. We whole heartedly recommend LaBounty Chiropractic to everyone we know."

- Christie

"My daughter was having troubles with gas and wasn't her normal happy self at 8 weeks old. With the help of Dr. Mike and Dr. Jason, she got back on track. Immediately after her first adjustment she passed gas and filled her diaper. I am so thankful for all they have done for my daughter and myself!"

- Kailah

"For months, I has having a stabbing pain by my right shoulder blade. Nothing was helping it. Through adjustments and a week of stretching like  Dr. Mike showed me, the pain is totally gone. It's been 2 weeks now with no return. Thanks!"

- Linda

"I am a transplant from Kansas City, Missouri. I had several interactions with chiropractors there and had completely given up on them. When my granddaughter told me of her experience with Dr. Mike I decided to try one more time. I am so happy I did. The experience with Dr. Mike was like nothing I had before. Dr. Mike is wonderful and makes me feel wonderful. 5 Stars!!!"

- Linda

“I absolutely love Dr. Sadie. She is the most knowledgeable Chiropractor I have have ever met. Her skill set and bedside manner made me feel so at ease. I thoroughly enjoy my visits with Dr. Sadie. Also, the greeting staff are always so pleasant and happy whenever I check-in. The whole atmosphere at LaBounty is wonderful. Keep up the great work!”

- Jeanette

“I just love the LaBounty Chiropractic clinic! The staff is always so helpful and warm. Dr. Mike is knowledgeable, caring, and values each of his patients. So thankful for a man who truly listens to my concern and is always willing to help.”

- Deb

"Thanks to chiropractic care, my son no longer needs asthma/allergy medication."

- Alice

"My daughter and I have been blessed and encouraged by Dr. Mike’s expert care and personal concern for us. He has truly been an instrument of God’s healing touch in our bodies, minds, and lives."

- Jeanie

"Thanks to chiropractic care, I now no longer live in fear for when the next migraine will strike. It has been over five years now since I had a migraine."

- Kathy

"Today, five months later, my heart is filled with joy every time I behold my daughter’s soft, smooth, eczema-free skin. There is no doubt in my mind the Dr. Mike’s chiropractic care got to the root of her problem–her beautiful complexion is proof!"

- Angela


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